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Dragon Hooks: Rescue Training 

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Rescue services are responsive operations that usually involve saving a life or preventing an injury during an incident or dangerous situation. This can included Confined Space Rescue, Rope Rescue, Industrial Rescue - essentially wherever there is a chance that a worker may be unable to get out of an dangerous situation due to work.  Rescue enhances overall emergency preparedness in your community by building capacity to provide rescue in complex emergencies. 

Irwin’s Safety is proud to offer various rescue training courses which incorporate Dragon Hooks patented technology. We are committed to bringing this product into the market and making it the industry standard.

Our company is built around three pillars - quality, safety and efficiency: it’s our mission to ensure the safety of industrial workers across the globe.

Dragon Hooks will revolutionize the current rescue methods and drastically reduce life-threatening incidents, therefore we offer our rescue courses to clients with an option to learn the Dragon rescue technique.

Not only will you receive the highest standard of safety training from the team of our qualified instructors, but you will also have the opportunity to learn the best way of performing rescue using Dragon Hooks.

To provide you with the highest quality of training available, we have partnered with IRWIN'S Safety. Learn more about them in the video below:


Whatever the rescue situation, IRWIN'S Safety & Dragon Hooks will provide the highest quality equipment and training, tailored to your needs. By combining IRWIN'S rescue and training expertise with the groundbreaking technology of Dragon Hooks coveralls, we ensure that your workers will be safer than ever before.

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