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 Once an idea, now a finished patented product, Dragon Hooks coveralls were created by stepbrothers Kris McLeod and Mike Rutten. Their experience at Albertan blue collar job sites, where they were constantly exposed to hazardous gases and substances, led them noticing the need for an easier way to rescue injured or unconscious workers. The two glued a harness into an old pair of coveralls, recruiting a friend to stitch the fabric together. They then took turns dragging each other around to make sure the Dragon technique was perfected. Their handmade harness with loops on the shoulders worked so well, they contacted a Canadian licensing agency to ask if similarly modified coveralls were already on the market. To their surprise, their invention was indeed, one of a kind.

The founders successfully patented their creation, and introduced the product to the market in 2020. Irwin’s Safety recognized this simple, yet genius innovation and contacted Mike and Kris proposing a partnership, where Dragon Hooks could be brought to Irwin’s established client base. The partnership proposal was a success.

Irwin’s Safety aims to take this revolutionary design and make it a standard for industrial coveralls worldwide. We are certain that this invention not only changes the way rescue is performed at high-risk workplaces, but also, at no extra cost to the employer, significantly improves the speed and the outcome of any rescue performed.

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Interview With Dragon Hooks' Founders

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